OpenScienceMap 0.4.1 is here!

We are happy to announce the release of OpenScienceMap 0.4.1!
Version 0.4 has significant improvements:

  • Caching: OpenScienceMap has now a client-side cache! Once you visited a place on the map it will be available on your device without internet connection.
  • DistanceTouch: We often – in fact very often – want to know the distance between two places. With DistanceTouch we made answering this question easy and instant: just touch the screen with two fingers and hold for a moment. You will get the direct (spherical) distance between the two selected places, the shortest driving route, and the estimated travel time (routing is provided by OSRM; it does not always work at country borders, sometimes the server is down).Warning: although it is not a game, it can be addictive.
    Have fun and spread the word!

Download OpenScienceMap 0.4.1 now!

distance touch gesturedistance touch - gesture result