See & Feel


Just touch two places and hold for a moment: you will immediately get information about the distance between them (direct distance, driving distance, and travel time).

Zooming with Double-Tap and Drag

To zoom in double tap on the map and slide down your finger. Respectively you can double tap and slide your finger up to zoom out.

Zooming with Pinch

Another way to zoom in and out is to “pinch” the screen.

Perspective Tilt

To tilt the map just tap with two horizontally aligned fingers on the screen and drag them down. To undo the tilt, tap and drag upwards.


When using the map for orientation you may find rotating the map useful. Drag two fingers in a circular manner to rotate the map. You can also enable the compass to let the map adjust itself automatically.

Client-side Rendering

OpenScienceMap is purely client-side rendering. It is possible to customize the map on the device by adjusting its style. Want to see an example? Go to “Preferences” and switch the render theme from “Default” to “Tube”.

Finding Routes, Places, Wikipedia Entries, Flickr Photos, and Foursquare Places

If you want to find a route from A to B, just tap the screen for a second a wait until the “Find…” menu pops up. You can simply add start and destination with your finger tip, as well as via points. Routing is provided by OSRM.

Within this menu you can also search for places (search will operate globally), Flickr images, Wikipedia articles, or Foursquare places. OpenScienceMap will restrict the search for them to the current view on your screen.